Two basic TV plans using advanced IP technology


Smart with a free channel playback

Download television usage instructions for the print version (PDF format).

EKOFON television usage instructions
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Base 1

Plan base 1
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Base 2

Plan base 2
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Price including VAT

  • One-time TV service activation costs 19,90 € including VAT (only for new clients). Internet line fee is 3 € monthly including VAT
  • TV set-top box – 0 € (to sign a contract).
  • 3 € per month including VAT for every extra television, and one-time activation fee is 19,90 € including VAT for every extra television. The number of televisions for a customer is unlimited. TV contracts for 2, 3 and so on televisions cannot last longer than the basic contract.
  • TV can be temporarily suspended. One-time fee for the temporal suspension service is 12 € including VAT.
  • TV can be suspended for 1–6 months once a year. Ecofon has the right to take away the equipment for a period of temporary suspension. Services are temporarily suspended only for customers who have not signed a fixed contract.
  • For TV services, fill in the registration form. Our manager will contact You on working hours or you can contact our managers indicated in our contacts.