About us

UAB “Ecofon” (“Ekofon” in Lithuania) is a Lithuanian capital company. We have been in telecommunications industry since 2004. The main activity of the company is to terminate telecommunications of foreign network operators in Lithuanian and foreign networks under conditions of wholesale trade. We have more than 50 point-to-point connections with operators from Europe, USA, Asia, Russia and etc. The basic equipment we use is in Vilnius. However, to support the highest quality of services, “Ecofon” has also its equipment in Germany, Franfurt – one of the biggest telecommunications node worldwide, where network of the biggest worldwide operators merge. Furthermore, “Ecofon” has its autonomous system (AS No. 62179) and provides data transmission (Internet) for both wholesalers and retailers. In 2011, “Ecofon” entered Lithuanian retail market suggesting services of local and international network to public at large at attractive prices. Retailers are offered Internet, IP TV, calls for landline and (or) mobile phones. In 2013, “Ecofon” opened the Construction Department having modern equipment and being responsible for paving fiber-based network, installing network indoors and likewise.
At the beginning of 2012, “Ecofon” opened its branch in Great Britain, London, where telephone service is being successfully provided – calls abroad from one’s mobile phone are at particularly low prices. According to the State Radio Frequency Service (2011–2014), “Ecofon” ranks as the second termination operator of foreign calls having the independent infrastructure in Lithuania (approximately 20–21 percent of the market).
Choosing “Ecofon” services means the right decision because not only prices are lower than competitors’, but also our services are of the highest standard. Our employees’ work is honest and team-based, and the quality of services and attendance are being constantly improved. We appreciate every single customer and we aim to take Your individual needs into consideration, which makes us different from other operators.

Call termination distribution among public fixed telephone networks in the 4th quarter of 2013 in percent (total duration - 89,55 milion minutes)

To other Lithuanian public telephone networks (total duration – 75,04 million minutes)


To foreign public telephone networks (total duration – 207,57 million minutes)