Calls abroad from you mobile phone

Calls abroad

You can make calls from you mobile phone no matter what operator‘s services you are using. You pay no monthly, subscriber’s or minimum fees, which means NO OBLIGATIONS. You can use this service if you have numbers of Lithuanian, British, USA, Swedish, Poland operators.
Why choose us?
  • Cheaper calls to all countries of the world from a wired or mobile phone;
  • No need to change your SIM card or carry two phones;
  • No PIN code;
  • No connection fee;
  • There are no hidden fees;
  • You pay for as much as as you call;
  • No contract (commitment) and personal identification, if you pay in advance;
  • Excellent call quality.
Standart international calling rates
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Pressing one of the OS systems, select from the following descriptions

To install the application to your Android phone, follow these steps:

Before downloading the Ekofon Caller application, check if your phone is available for installing files from unknown sources. To do so, go to Menu → Settings → Apps and make sure Unknown Sources are marked.
1) Visit „Ekofon Caller“ on your Android device‘s browser.
2) Tap Download and Install. The application should be installed in a few seconds.
3) Find the Ekofon Caller icon on your phone menu.
4) Tap the Ekofon Caller icon and you will see the button ON / OFF. Click ON when you are in Lithuania and click OFF when you are abroad and cannot use Ecofon services.

ATTENTION! Android 5.0 or newer users please turn off “Ekofon Caller” optimisation settings.

To install the Calling Card Pal application to your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Find App Store on your phone menu
  2. Click Search and enter “Callin Card Pal”
  3. Install.

Find Calling Card Pal on your phone menu and open it:

  1. When question “Would you like to try Call Pal Service now?” appears, press “No”
  2. Enter your phone number: 3706xxxxxxx
  3. Verify international prefix: 00 – delete and unmark Keep international prefix when dialing
  4. Input access number: enter the Ecofon access code – 866100001
  5. Advanced setup: leave one comma
  6. Configure ending digits: enter #

To end configuration, press → Done

*To call abroad you only use the Calling Card Pal application.

To install the Smart Calling Cards app to your Windows phone, follow these steps:


One-time fee of the app depends on the regional language your phone uses. You can try the DEMO with the limited number of calls.
1) You either buy the app or choose the DEMO version.
2) Install.

Find Smart Calling Cards on your phone menu and click Settings:
1) Access Number: enter the Ecofon access number 866100001
2) Mark Is your mobile number registered for calling card
To complete configuration, click SAVE.

* To call abroad you DO use the Calling Card Pal app.

To install the application to your Blackberry, follow the instructions:

1) Open the menu, find the browser, enter the address depending on the Soft version.
OS5 is used in old phones with the Track Ball and also the Track Pad (8520, 9105 and 9700 if the application is not updated). Check this by clicking Options->Device->About Device Versions – on the first and second lines the model is shown, while on the third line you can see the version. If you cannot find the version, get started from OS6. If the file cannot be installed, try again to install the file for the OS5 system.
OS5 :
OS6 ir OS7 :
2) Note: enter capital letters if it is required. Entering the address into the browser, keep in mind that B and b are different symbols. So, if the address is correct, you will see Download and click it. When you see Would you like to grant Trusted Application Status?, click Yes and Run.
3) The application runs, the permission to enter the settings is needed, you click Save.
4) Click Settings → Firewall Rules → Outbound Call. Click Menu and choose Add New Rule. In the box Name enter Ekofon. When you see the box Phone Number, click on the list with Any (no filter), choose NOT STARTS WITH. Below in the box Starts With enter +370,8,1
5) Swipe down. Click Action1 ir choose Change number. You see the box Call To, where you find {phone}
entered. Do not delete it, just in front of it enter the Access number 866100001 and after {phone} enter #. E.g. 866100001,{phone}#
6) Then find Network condition, choose Home Network Only – this will disconnect services automatically when you are abroad.
7) Click Menu, choose Close and DO click SAVE! You see Ekofon, click Menu again, choose Close and DO click SAVE! Close the app.
8) Run the Menu, find the Berry Wall (OFF) icon, enter. Above you should see Fireball disabled, click it, choose General Profile, the name should turn Firewall enabled. Close. The icon on the menu is changed into Berry Wall (ON). Try to call.

HOW TO START USING SERVICES (without a contract)

If You have a smart phone, You have to install the Ecofon application to your phone. This will direct international calls through Ecofon. Below You can find instructions how to install applications for different operating systems:
1) Android
2) iPhone
3) Windows
4) Blackberry
When the application is installed, you can start using our services after the registration in our self-service website, where during the registration you enter Your contact number. Later, in the self-service system you enter the phone number or numbers which you are going to make calls abroad from. By using the self-service system, transfer money (20 LTL at least). Please, wait for 5 minutes until the sum of money reaches the Ecofon account. Then You can start making calls. On the self-service system, you will see when the money have reached the account and Your calls limit is equal to the sum of money you have transfered. However, do not forget to update the website by clicking F5 while waiting.
If you managed to do everything, you do not have to contact our managers.

If you do not use the Ecofon international network services from your mobile phone, when not using the special application for smart phones or the Ecofon chip card, dial numbers in the following order: call to our calling service centre (Your mobile network operator charges this call according to the rates of the plan you have), after the voice message, enter a foreign number without prefix (no need to dial + or 00) and click #. It is recommended to program pause and save the note to the notebook, e.g.
To Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, Samsung, Motorola phones, the p symbol (pause) is entered by clicking * a few times or clicking and holding it for some time. What is for Siemens phones, instead of entering the symbol p, enter +, while , is entered into iPhones.
If you cannot start using Ecofon services, want to suspend your payments when signing up a contract, or you often call abroad and want to get extra discounts, please contact the Ecofon managers indicated in the contacts.

Frequently asked questions
Ecofon is a wholesaler operator which is actively taking part in the worldwide market of voice call termination. That is why the rates are much lower than many of the other operators’. Moreover, Ecofon sells services directly and use no services of an agent. Our mission is to make our customers feel they can save by using Ecofon services.
No, there are no additional fees. This is the Ecofon strength. If you do not make calls, you pay absolutely nothing.
The prices have nothing to do with the quality because Ecofon has its own point-to-point connections with many worldwide operators which guarantee the top quality for wholesale prices.
Having a SIM of any Lithuanian mobile operator, it is possible to make calls from abroad only by using the Ecofon service called CallBck. To find out more about this service, contact our managers. Usually, the Ecofon service for calls abroad is available only when a subscriber, using a Lithuanian network of any operator, is in Lithuania.
Yes. It is possible to review your bill statement by signing in to When signing in for the first time, you have to get accession data (name and password) from your manager. Your account lets you review not only the bill statement, but also invoices and do payments. In this way, you increase the number of your calls in 2–5 minutes.